Hi! I'm Emma, the founder and chief spice grinder at Yesterday's Curry.

Yesterday's Curry was born in the spring of 2021, when during the lockdown I began to experiment with spices and explore the cuisine of my Goan heritage.

After training as a chef at Leiths School of Food & Wine in 2019, I spent the next few months teaching myself how to cook Goan food in order to connect with my roots.

Using my granny's secret Goan spice blend as a starting point, I began to roast and blend my own small batch spice blends to understand the nuances of individual spices and how they lend flavour to dishes.

I soon began creating spice blends in order to make it simple to create authentic tasting curries from scratch, which normally require an often complicated wet paste that requires a powerful blender.

Now, my range of Goan spice blends are multi-purpose and can be used to add a touch of Goan flavour to a number of different dishes. As of August 2023, we are exclusively stocked in Selfridges Foodhall.